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Granger is a next-generation, SaaS ERP solution for management of Agriculture Retail Business, Ethanol Manufacturing, Commodity Trading, Risk Management and more.


We are a bespoke solution created by experts in the industry, for the industry. 


Our solution set includes: 

  • Sales - Scale interface, DOT Shipping Papers, Inventory, Orders, Maps

  • Grain & Commodities - Contracts, Settlements, Grain Tickets, Hedge Import, Train Loading

  • Compliance - Safety Data Sheets, Product Use Labels, Grower Notifications

  • Assets Tracker - Maintenance Records, Leases and Loans, Safety

  • General Ledger - Financials, Budget, BAI Bank Interface, Records Automation

  • Patronage - Stock Registry, Refund and Equity Generator, Check Batch

  • Accounts Receivable - Customer Statements, Invoices Payments

  • Accounts Payable - Invoice Import, Check Batch, ACH Processing, Inventory Costing

We can help create an integrated, cloud-based web and mobile based solution for your company or cooperative. 

Reach out to us to get a demo scheduled, and discuss what we can do for your enterprise

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